Andharban Trek

Trekking is a beautiful experience. We often walk miles searching for peace and calm at a few places. However, every site has its beauty. Traveling miles and miles in terms of visiting is a brand new experience that no one can deny. Most people prefer going with friends on the trek as they are all of the same age, and it is easy to get along with them. 

Even traveling with cousins and young groups is excellent. It’s good that we have these tourism agencies that make trekking groups visit various places too. These tour guides and agencies provide complete information about the sites, like food and water supply, atmosphere, the tour’s starting and ending spots, suitable age groups, temperature, climatic conditions, etc. 

When you consult one good agency, these trekking packages and pick-up points will come into your knowledge. Planning a trek is simple and easy nowadays; you can plan on a weekend or other public holidays. People travel to mountain areas for trekking as it will be a little adventurous too. Let’s look into one of the best places in India for touring and hiking.

Andharban Trek 

Andharban Trek is a trekking spot in a dark forest in Maharashtra, India. It is in the Pimpri region and is near one of the trendy tourism areas in Maharashtra, Lonavala. It is in the southern part of the country. This trekking area is a deep jungle covered with a lot of greenery. People fond of flora and fauna in their surroundings can have an impressive tour of this place. 

Andharban Trek Best Time to Visit

This tour is highly suitable from June to October as its monsoon season. The monsoon season can make you look at the site’s true beauty as it will surround you with a new green desert jungleā€”a Perfect view of landscapes and valleys. You can have your best time walking around with your friends and family, the people you are comfortable with, to join this trek.

This tour is not suitable for physically sensitive people and older people. Children who can walk long distances and cope with the dense forest can join the trip but under parental control.

The most amazing fact about this place is that you don’t have to climb up but walk down the stage in this area. It is a very decent place to trek and a beautiful one too. The early morning atmosphere and the seasonal conditions of this area in the monsoon are a blessing to watch. 

Never miss the chance to visit this place in the future, and try to find some opportunity to go with your friends and family. It will be a fresh change and start in your life for you. 

This place is located at an altitude of 2160 feet high at the Tamhini ghats, and the journey might take around 4-6 hours, depending. The trekking location is under the Tamhini Wildlife Sanctuary; we need a permit from the forest department to enter this location. So carry your verified ID the Government of India provided and take them safely. 

This trek is not dangerous but might look like one as it covers dense forests. But once you start the walk, you can feel the serene beauty of the place without any scary feelings. It’s a pleasant experience; try it once. This trek is highly suitable for beginners too.

Andharban Trek surrounds immense greenery and a fantastic atmosphere that can improve your mood to travel around. Take a lot of selfies and click pictures of the location and yourself or with your loved ones to make memories together. You can post it on your social accounts like Instagram and Facebook and have a great time. 

How To Reach Andharban Trek ?

To begin the tour, you can start from your place and reach Mumbai or Lonavola through public transport like Train, Bus, or Flight. You can hire a cab or join a bus to this trekking area from the most popular place, Lonavola. Then you can start your trek from the Wildlife Sanctuary. Get a permit and enter the location.

This trek will start at the Pimpri village early in the morning. Many tourists suggest starting as early as possible in the morning as it will take a lot of time to walk and explore the place. You will cross Pimpri Dam, Bira Dam, and Kundalika valley on this trek. You can hire a local tour guide for you, or if you are going with an agency, then they will provide you with one according to you. 

More Details About Andharban Trek 

While walking down, you might have to cross a few water streams, valleys, and landscapes in the area. While on the trek, you can reach this Patnus village, where you can find a few lodges and restaurants for tourists. To return after the tour, take a bus to Mumbai, Pune, or Lonavala. If you wish, you can spend a night at one of the lodges or hotels in Patnus village near the trekking spot. For a night, you will cost around 800 to 1500 rupees in this area. You can go to Lonavala as it’s very near to the site and from there you can travel to Mumbai by bus and any of your places from Mumbai. It will not cost more than around 5000- 8000 overall. It might vary depending on where you are starting and ending the trek.

Please carry some extra money for safety if you need it on the trip. Follow a few safety tips like arranging your daily needs and clothes and backup data connections or power supply for your mobile device. If you are a music lover, carry your headphones, and please research a little before starting the trek, as it will be more beneficial in every way. Suitable to carry a map and have a trekking partner along with you rather than walking alone and getting stuck somewhere in the middle of the dense forest. We advise you to carry a torch as it’s a dense forest and also please do carry some emergency medicines by chance.

To start this trekking trip, consult a verified tourism agency. Learn about the place and plan accordingly.

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