Best Places to Travel Alone Female in India

India is known for many things, such as its culture, history, mouthwatering dishes, and temples. But It is not known for females traveling alone, which is a shame as there are places that are incredible to travel alone.

Solo trips let you experience what freedom feels like, and you cannot feel free unless you feel safe and comfortable in the surroundings. So, many beautiful destinations in India are great for women to travel alone where they can feel comfortable. The list of some of those destinations are:

1. Mumbai:

Mumbai is a city that never sleeps; it ensures a great time for visitors, whether traveling alone or with friends or family. Some attractions that resonate with the city’s culture are mouthwatering street food, especially the most famous vada pav, expansive beaches, and Bollywood.

Mumbai is known to have an incredible collection of fine art. And that is the reason one should add museums and art galleries to their must-visit list. And one such place is the National Gallery of Modern Art.

2. Munnar:

If you want to go on an adventure trip, then Munnar will be the perfect destination. It has some of the best hiking in the world. One recommendation is hiking to Rhodo Valley Camp. The trek is challenging, but the winding paths are breathtaking, with opulent tea estates on one side and lofty mountains on the other.

It would be good if you also looked out for wildlife like elephants, sambhar, sloths, bears, and the Nilgiri Tahr, the latter of which is endemic and endangered.

3. Shillong:

Shillong is the home to the friendliest folks who will go to a great extent to make you feel comfortable. The Khasi community is one of the world’s last matrilineal communities where descent comes through the female line of a family. That can be a reason why women are respected immensely in the region. It is consider safe for solo women travelers. Shillong is also a modern fashion hub. There is even a NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) and Fashion Academy Shillong in the city.

Shillong will never fail to surprise you with its unique offerings, from cultural displays to rock bands and everything in between. Take idle strolls or enjoy a boat ride at Ward’s Lake when in the city.

4. Goa:

Goa is the small Maldives of India. It is one of the safest destinations in India for women to travel alone. Goa is a popular tourist destination, so locals are pretty friendly and welcoming.

Goa is famous for its beautiful beaches, majestic forts, world heritage sites, historical temples, nightclubs, therapeutic massages, water sports, and mouthwatering seafood.

5. Kolkata:

Kolkata is also known as the ‘City of Joy.’ It has proven its name by bringing absolute joy to solo female travelers. As per the report by National Crime Record Board, Kolkata aced the list of 19 cities that have been enrolled as the safe city in India for women. It is one of the country’s most attractively unusual and beautiful cities with grand colonial architecture, art galleries, and cultural festivals. Kolkata offers you a wide range of places to explore, and some of the areas you must visit include the Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, and Indian Museum.

6. Bir:

Bir-Billing is in Himachal Pradesh. It is the second-highest take-off spot for paragliding in the world. But there are also plenty of things to explore in Bir apart from paragliding. Some of those things are witnessing the lives of the monks at Dzongsar Khyentse, Hiking to Bangoru waterfalls and Gunehar river pool, visiting Sherabling Monastery, and going on long walks in quaint villages.

7. Udaipur:

Udaipur is a beautiful location that perfectly balances history, culture, and modernity. It is a land of incredible beauty: from citron skylines and majestic Aravalli peaks to clear lakes and beautiful palaces. The folk music, culture, and mind-blowing traditional food will drive you crazy. The folks of Udaipur are also amiable and warm and will try their best to make you feel welcome.

8. Cherrapunji:

Cherrapunji is an unspoiled beauty located at the heart of Meghalaya in vast Northeast India. Northeast stands for the rustic beauty that it offers. The area is immaculate, with almost nothing but green in sight. The lush greens down the hilly roads and the gentle breeze will awaken you. Cherrapunji is the place with the highest record of rainfall in the calendar year. During the monsoon season, the weather is unpredictable, but the waterfalls come alive with the rains. The Seven Sister Falls, Nongriat Falls, Wei Sawdong Falls, and Dainthlen Falls are all worth seeing. Nongriat Trek is ideal for those who enjoy hiking and exploring the outdoors.

Now ladies, plan your trip, pack your bags and get ready to have a great trip with just yourself!

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