Devkund Waterfall Trek

Devkund Waterfall Trek is famously known as “Bathing Pond of Gods” and is hidden from many of the people. It is located in Bhira, Mangaon, Maharashtra. Devkund Waterfall Trek is like a dream to go as it is surrounded with forest. Yes, it is in between the deep dense forest and has a rare natural view with a lot of different kinds of birds, animals, worms, little insects and many more. 

How can a Person Come and Enjoy Devkund Waterfall Trek?

  • A person can visit Devkund Waterfall Trek by train, bus, by air or by car. By train a person can go to Khopoli and from there a person has to hire a taxi. The taxi will drop them at your destination i.e. Devkund Waterfall Trek.
  • By bus, a person should take bus line no 233 and bus will drop you at ST Stand Paud and from there you have to take a cab and  then cab will drop you at Devkund Waterfall Trek.
  • By air, you can come to Maharashtra and take a cab/ taxi that will take you to your spot.
  • By car, you can also reach Devkund Waterfall Trek. You can use a route map from Mumbai Pune expressway and reach your destination.

After reaching your destination i.e. Devkund Waterfall Trek, you have to trek from the base village and it is approximately 6 to 7 Kms from base village to Devkund Waterfall Trek.

Once reaching Devkund Waterfall Trek you’ll be mesmerised by the beauty of the Waterfall.

Localites believe Devkund Waterfall Trek is sacred for them. It is a natural waterfall with blue-green colour. 

About Trek:

Trekking takes place for 1 day. By early morning your trek will start and within an hour you’ll reach Devkund Waterfall trek. After reaching Devkund Waterfall Trek you can take pictures, sit near the waterfall, enjoy moments and take a groupfie too. Till evening you can trek and then reach the base village and you can go home or if you go ahead you can.

There will be trekkers with you and everyone goes in the group. Once the group is full, then the trekker will take you for trekking.

Things You Have to Carry for Trek

  1. You must wear sport shoes as your ankle won’t get hurt.
  2. You must carry dry snacks with you as at Devkund Waterfall Trek you won’t get anything as such. There are only small shops available.
  3. Must consult with Doctor. As if anyone has back pain or leg pain, they won’t get permission for trekking.
  4. You must carry First Aid as no one knows when an emergency comes.
  5. You must carry water with yourselves.
  6. Due to the pandemic, face mask, sanitizers are a must.
  7. Identity proof(Aadhar card, Pan Card etc.).
  8. As Waterfall is located in a dense forest, there are chances of rain. So you must carry raincoats, umbrellas.
  9. Cover your phones and bags.
  10. You must carry a torch with an extra battery and power banks.
  11. You must wear a tracksuit as it will feel comfortable.

Things You Don’t Have to Carry for Trek:

  1. Any kind of alcohol won’t allow it.
  2. As this trek is for a day, don’t carry expensive things as you are the only to take care of. No one is responsible if your stuff gets stolen.
  3. Bluetooth, earphones aren’t allowed on trek.
  4. People can’t swim in the Waterfall as it is sacred for the localities.

Things You Will Get at Base Village:

  1. Breakfast 
  2. Washrooms as they are not available during trek.
  3. Trekkers who will guide.

Children till the age of 10 are not allowed to go on trek and children above 11 are considered as an adult.

Places Near Devkund Waterfall Trek:

There are some places near Devkund Waterfall Trek if anyone wants to visit they can.

  1. Tata Power Dam. 
  2. Kundalika River.
  3. Andharban Trek.
  4. Tamhini Ghats.

Final Words!!

This is all about the Devkund Waterfall Trek from my side. If you have more information about it. Please feel free to contribute here.

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