How I Spent My Summer Vacation

India is the only country where you can find the world’s most unique “Unity In Diversity” motto. People with different languages, cultures, and traditions live together. We get to learn many new things every place we visit. India is the land of spirituality, knowledge, and customs. We, as people of India, should be proud of this fact. Indian society is highly hospitable; people here will help and serve you without knowing you. That’s the culture of India “Athithi devo bhava.” which means a guest is equivalent to a god. This tendency of Indian people makes many tourists from internal and external parts of the country easily cope with the people and initiate a conversation.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation?

Summer vacations are always exciting. Most students finish their Annual Examinations and get promoted to the next year after this break. To make memories for the future, we need to do something interesting. We can observe that children are the high curious people—the stage to explore and learn things. Experts say keeping children happy and interested is the healthiest way to nurture their future.

In this situation, parents and guardians of every kid must concentrate on various things they can do during this break. Spending summer is a challenge, especially in India. Weather is becoming so unusual these days, and we can see Rain in the unexpected months too. However, the days in April and May are hard to survive. The constant rise in the temperatures is not a help. It is around 30 to 50 degrees of temperature in Celsius observed in the various cities in the country. And top of that, increasing global warming and pollution in the atmosphere is traumatizing.

Although Indian summers have consequences, the pros are pretty interesting to discuss. Here are a few advantages of Indian summers following:

  • Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables: Indian seasonal fruits are sweet and heaven to experience, especially in summer. Summer in India brings fruits and veggies like Mangoes, Watermelons, Muskmelons, Cucumbers, and many other seasonal fruits and vegetables. Indian mangoes are the true heaven to taste. They are so sweet and amazing.
  • Sunlight and Vitamin D: Vitamin D plays a crucial role in the human body. No matter what you eat, to digest it properly and make your body absorb the nutrients from the food you consume, it would be best to have this vitamin D. Sun rises 10-25 minutes earlier this season than usual. So it becomes easy for you to start your morning routine as early as possible. You can exercise and walk in the morning under sunlight to get healthy rays on you.
  • Holidays from educational institutions: Students get holidays and a big break for a new academic year as these months have a lot of temperatures and become unsuitable for traveling and educational purposes, especially for early-stage students. Well, everyone loves holidays and breaks. You have a lot of personal space to concentrate on many other things and skills.
  • Can get time to visit places: As you get a break, you can spend time traveling somewhere and have a trip. It is good to travel and explore the country. Family tours and gatherings will be suitable too.
  • Attend gatherings with family: You can observe many weddings and receptions this season. You can spend time with your loved ones and make new connections. Meeting cousins and playing with them is a beautiful experience.
  • Learn new skills: You can join some courses to learn new things and explore your potential to learn and work. Learning new things is good, and this habit helps in the future.
  • Watch some dramas and movies: If you are a drama fan and can’t get time to watch. No worries, you have your break for that reason.

The above are a few things to do during the summer break in India as we can do. There are many more things to add, like attending cricket clubs or the library. Indeed Indian summers are memorable.

But traveling is the best alternative to choose for this break. Traveling makes you learn and memorize and improves your knowledge about the places. It will teach you about the people and society you are surrounded with and indirectly boost your confidence to be a perfect individual. Traveling improves mental ability and decreases overthinking & stress.

Types of Traveling for Indian Summer Breaks within the country:

  • Educational or Study Trip: Going for an educational trip with your friends or family where your sole purpose is to study the place and people is an ideal type. Make some notes and click some pictures for further reference.
  • Family Tours: Trips with family are always unique. It makes you bond strong and develops it. Spending time with close people makes you feel loved and emotionally available, to be exact.
  • A short weekend: A place where you can go and spend some relaxing, refreshing time is good too. It improves your productivity and efficiency.
  • Friends Tour: This is the most loving trip. People can’t share many things with family, but with friends, they can. Being with friends and spending time with them becomes so straightforward. It can help you let out your thoughts and help you feel liter and safer to talk. And when you have a gang of amazing friends around, the trip is double happiness. You can have a blast and make beautiful memories.
  • Solo Trips: Visiting places alone can make you learn more than usual as your concentration will be on the work you are with, so it’s better too.

Our country has a lot of places to visit, from Jammu & Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Depending on your mood and interests, you can search for a good place and visit. Goa is one of the evergreen tourist places.

I spent my summer traveling with my family around Ooty and nearby places. After this tour, I found a new peace within me, and I enjoyed this break with all my lovely people. So take advantage of every opportunity to do something like traveling. It makes you productive and effective. Start planning a vacation this summer, and have a great time. And yeah, please carry all the required arrangements for the season as it’s summer and there is a bright sun in the sky every day. Be careful and take precautions.

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