How to Travel for Free in India

Traveling is a passion of most human beings. It’s an adventure sport and has several opportunities alone with joy and fun. It also contributes to the GDP of a nation and thus creates jobs. Simply, traveling menas to go from one place to another, for a longer distance. 

In India we have our environment minister named Bhupender yadav, Ministry of environment, Health and climate change. Every state campaigns to boost travel. It’s a public as well as semi public facility. In India, recently Me Arvind Kejriwal launched a free travel train which will travel to the Hindu pilgrimage over the country. It offers discounts to old men and ex army staff. 

See you cannot travel throughout India for free but you sure can do it at throwaway prices but everything requires passion. If you are passionate about traveling then not only you can travel but also at a minimum cost or almost no cost. As we talk about our routine based traveling like going for office shopping etc. Then we can avail free traveling by walking if it is a short distance from the way we can maintain our health too as walking is so beneficial for a healthy lifestyle. It can prevent us from many life taking diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, etc. and as for long distance we can use public transport. 

Public transport makes life easier for the person who wants to travel on a low budget. While a private cab or taxi will require more money and public transport will only cost a penny. Local autos and ferries are also the cheapest way to travel in india. 

India is an excellent place for travelers as it has everything you are looking for. Now, traveling in India can be really cheap if you know some basics. Some people will suggest staying in Dharamshala, eating langar in gurudwara, and traveling by cheap buses.

Volunteer and Travel for Free in India

Moreover there is another way to travel for free is through volunteering. Infact its one of the best methods to indulge in volunteer traveling with different organizations with the least money used. There are a huge list of places for volunteer traveling in India and these are provided by different organizations all over the country. 

  • One organization is SSTCN, Chennai, Tamil Nadu is a voluntary student organization which works on spreading awareness among people about the endangered olive ridley sea turtles. They conduct walks every Friday and Saturday night over the beaches of Chennai and in these walks they usually observe turtles and talk about how they change themselves according to the different environment and how their existence has been changed according to the different environment.
  • And another free volunteer traveling organization is Dakshinayana teaching programs In which interested people can take part and can help paharia children in getting education. Dakshinayana is set up in the tribal belt of Jharkhand and their aim is to provide education to the children and promote healthcare. 
  • Another organization is Spiti Ecosphere in Himachal Pradesh. They have been working on the economic empowerment of the region. Their aim is to provide livelihoods to the people working with nature and in the meanwhile they will get the opportunity to travel himachal for free. Combine your love for traveling with volunteer travel in India and plan your next trip with any of these organizations. 

More Ways to Travel For Free in India

Furthermore the most common way of traveling for free is having a job like tour guide. We all dream of having a job that allows us to travel to beautiful places and also receive a paycheck for doing so. We are finally able to bring this dream to fruition. The Ministry of Tourism, India has announced that travelers who can visit at least 15 different locations in India by 2022 will be rewarded. You will be reimbursed for the travel expenses for these trips, as an incentive.

Free traveling mainly depends on the type of job you are doing. Like if one is working in airlines as a pilot or air-hostess they can travel for free and like if you will become travel blogger so companies will sponsor you to travel across the country for free. 

There are many ways to travel for free or for a very low cost. Of course, nothing in this world is ever free, most of them require some work, but very little money to exchange. In addition, they offer a way to immerse yourself in the culture of the country you are visiting and make connections. with locals, resulting in a more accessible and more meaningful experience!

You can participate in so many diverse and exciting initiatives, such as volunteering with NGOs, communities, and ecological projects, teaching English, animal-conservation programmes, working in hostels, and helping out in local families’ homes in exchange for free lodging, meals, and other perks.

Traveling is a dream of many people but the problem is money which stops them from achieving their dream. But it is so easy for adventurous people who are ready to challenge anything that comes their side. Hitchhiking is one of the ways where you hitchhiking on trucks and travel for free.

Any Kind of Travel has Three Major Expense Heads

Travel fare / Food / Accommodation / Others (entry passes / water bottles / etc). Therefore if you are able to find alternatives for these expenses, then you are done with it. There are certain websites that offer to stay and eat for free, you have to do some work for that. (You can try couchsurfing, but if you’re a woman, you’re looking for a really good host with family and good reviews).

We will also start a blog and do affiliate marketing. This will make you some money along the way.

Repeat the first  for the room and the board, and the second brings you money to travel from place to place. You can also travel for free. It is partially possible if you are working in a corporate sector or govt. sectors. As in, the company will bear all your travel expenses.

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