Sikkim Tourist Places

Drenjong, now famously known as Sikkim. A beautiful place located in India’s northeast part and is covered by the borders of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. Sikkim is covered with mountains and has India’s highest mountain namely known as kanchanjanga. If you visit the South part of Sikkim there are many places to visit which are worth it likewise in the north, west and east.

If you want to see the natural and rare beauty of Sikkim then the best time to visit Sikkim is in the months of March to May, and Oct to mid Dec. In these months you can see the mountains from very close and are visible to you.

East Sikkim Tourist Places

Starting from the East Sikkim which is famously known as Heart of Sikkim and is rich in culture and has various traditional equality between all the cultures and this touches the soul of East Sikkim. There are many beautiful places which you won’t regret after visiting. Some of them are:

1. Gangtok

Capital of Sikkim and heart of East Sikkim , Gangtok has a wonderful nightlife, ample gaming points, trekking points and tasty meals. In Gangtok, there are many beautiful places to visit. Gangtok has all the facilities which a person ever dreamt of like a friendly place with 5 star hotels, lodges, shopping sites, cafe, modern infrastructure and is also the hub of tourism, culture, religious and many more.

2. Nathang Valley

Nathang Valley is always covered with a thick layer of snow in winters and in winters in the snow people get exciting offers like skiing and many others. Also, Nathang is famously known as Ladakh of Sikkim. In Nathang Valley there are beautiful lakes which are close to the Durga temple.

3. Tashi View Points

Tashi view point is a beautiful point to see India’s highest mountain Kanchenjunga and other points. It feels very blissful to see these points with cold weather and see sunrise and sunset points.

West Sikkim Tourist Places

Now coming to the other most beautiful place in Sikkim is West Sikkim:

1. Pelling

It is one of the most visited places after Gangtok. Pelling is famous for biking, climbing of rocks and is the most beautiful place in West Sikkim and is covered with thick mountains. It is the perfect spot for trek and nature lovers. It is worthy enough to visit such an amazing place.

2. Yuksam

It is known as the third eye of Sikkim as Yuksam means meeting place of three lamas. Yuksam is the most historic place and an amazing place for travellers. Yuksam is covered with both thick mountains and snow. Travellers can also trek. The Wild Food Festival is organised by the Yuksam committee in the month of February every year.

3. Geyzing

Geyzing means ” the king’s garden” and is popularly known as the district of west Sikkim. This beautiful place has everything which a person dreams of. It has deluxe hotels, amazing foods, hospitals etc.

South Sikkim Tourist Places

Now coming to the South Sikkim:

1. Namchi

Namchi itself means the top of the sky. In Namchi there are many tourist places which are worthy enough to visit. In February there is a flower show festival in which different shades of flowers blossom and look elegant.

2. Borong

It is a very beautiful place and it is very much close to nature. Those people who want to take a break from their lives and from office work too. It is a natural surrounding and is much worth visiting.

3. Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary

It is rich in Medicinal plants and herbs and from this wildlife sanctuary medicines are made. It is famous for trekking and biodiversity.

North Sikkim Tourist Places

The last part of Sikkim is North Sikkim which is famous for its biodiversity, flora, fauna.

1. Gurudongmar Lake

It is the second largest lake of Sikkim. The scene and the beautiful view of the lake attracts the tourists the most. It is believed that like Gangajal has some powers likewise Gurudongmar lake has some healing powers and people take this water on their way back.

2. Lachung

Lachung is a natural beauty which attracts tourists for its natural view and the waterfall. The street market is also in Lachung, which sells various types of flowers and handicraft clothes at a very pocket friendly budget.

3. Yumthang Valley

This valley is famously known as valley of flowers as there are large species of Rhododendrons. This valley is famous for its beautiful view and the snowfall which are worth enough to watch and tourists love the natural beauty.

Closing Thoughts!!!

Here we have covered the best Sikkim Tourist Places in East, West, South & North. There are many more places to visit. But we have listed only the best of them. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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