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Having a perfect home is a dream of many of us. We wish to provide all the facilities to the people we love with great care and affection. People work day and night to fulfill their dreams. All of us, once in a lifetime, must have thought about a perfect life till now. Nowadays, we want to get educated, earn skills to gain a job, and earn enough money to meet our needs and fulfill our desires. We want to settle down with our family fast. Many of us desire a perfect life without worries and sadness. But is it possible? Can we have everything perfect to be perfect? The answer is a big No. Life is unpredictable, and everyone is not the same. We have different circumstances to live in with many complicated purposes.

What exactly is a Nomadic Life?

People moving from one place to another due to various reasons are the ones who live a nomadic life. It is migratory, not normal. The people who follow this lifestyle have to adapt to their environments now and then. It is hard and not so easy to move on. We all are humans, and we tend to have attachments with the places, people, and materials we surround ourselves with, but we also get a lot of pain when we have to leave them behind. These people should be mentally strong to move on with the new changes. The people living these lives are known as nomadic people.

Reasons for a Nomadic Life

People have various reasons to live a life like this and have to migrate from one place to another. A few of them are below:

  1. Job Circulation: A few jobs circulate from one place to another. The most common might be of a soldier, Defense & Security, Corporate Businesses, and many more. These people are highly committed to their job or highly dependent on them.
  2. Employment Opportunities: When there are no job opportunities at your place, you move to another. Just like that, nomadic people move from one place to another in search of options for a better future.
  3. Educational Facilities: Where there is no proper learning facility, there is no need to stay. Children need a good education, and education is the primary facility. How is it good if a place doesn’t have this primary facility? Good chance to move to a better place.
  4. Family Purposes: When you want to stay near your family and friends but cannot, you tend to get a nearby place to move to or have a chance to visit them frequently.
  5. Health and Environment: When you have problems adjusting to certain places naturally, you move to different helpful areas.
  6. Financial Satisfaction: If you are unhappy with the salary or wages provided by the place, you move to a different. Everyone needs money to pay their bills.
  7. Political Situations: When you don’t like the politics and rules of a place, you try to escape from there. So move on.
  8. Social Surroundings & Society: Getting adjusted to the people of a specific place, again, it’s better if it’s somewhere else. We need to get used to them, be comfortable, and get together with them.
  9. Technology & Improvement: When you can’t adapt to the increasing technology and constantly developing places and people.
  10. Economic Crisis: If you face any monetary crisis at the place. For example, Inflation or Interest rates and so on.
  11. Legal: If you are in a country where the legal system is too fragile or too strong, it might not be comfortable for you. So you want to be accessible under limited rules and regulations. Choose a place accordingly to migrate.
  12. Language & Culture: If you fail to understand or adapt to a place’s language or culture, you might ignore it or move on.
  13. Change Adaption: It is easy for a few people to adapt when they get habituated to new changes and places.
  14. Hiding & Spying: A few people face different circumstances that they wish to hide from this world. Due to this reason, they constantly relocate their places. Typical in Defense and Spy agencies.
  15. Adventurous: When you want to challenge yourself for new changes and adaptations in your lifestyle. Act of adventure.

So the above reasons are a few of why people try to live a nomadic life and lifestyle where they can live like many others. Different people have different purposes.

Effects of Nomadic Life on People

There are various possibilities of an occurrence. There is a possibility that people are getting worse, people are being great, and people are getting adapted. Moving to a new place leaves all the memories, people, and more. As humans have emotions, they get attracted to and adjust to their environment, and suddenly, if the place changes, they might not be feeling well. People’s thoughts run at the site they get attached to, so it should be a serious reason to migrate rather than any adventurous spirit has taken rationally.

Especially children might get into trauma and depression if they don’t find themselves at their usual place. People with introverted mindsets may lose their sanity as they lose their past friends and business to hang out with them. It invests a lot of time to make a friend with someone, and suddenly they lose that person. They get stressed, and it adversely affects their mental stability. So be careful with your nomadic lifestyle.

Nomadic Life In India vs. Other Countries

India is a nation of Unity in Diversity. Here the people’s strength is being diverse. It indicates that our culture and traditions differ, but the goal is the same. We similarly respect the people, believe in god, and have similar emotions. It is easy to cope with a nomadic lifestyle within the country as we know and has an idea of people staying at a specific place right from childhood. There might be a few changes like food and way of approach, but in the end, we know what’s happening around us.

However, it is challenging to live like that easily in other countries. Countries have different customs and whole different goals to fulfill. It becomes complicated to approach people and their culture at work and in person. So there should be a wise decision behind starting a nomadic lifestyle. It is more challenging than fun. It is knowledgeable but risky too.

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