Best Time to Visit Kashmir

Kashmir, the beauty of this earth, is located in the northwest part of the country; it is well known for its weather and climatic conditions. Many people visit the state for fun, adventure, and educational purposes. Spread with snow and greenery; the place is heaven on earth. Every tourist, once in a lifetime, definitely wishes to visit this place. Kashmir is known to be the ‘Paradise on earth.‘ Kashmir has a lot of mountains, hill stations, waterfalls, snowfalls, lakes and fountains, flowerbeds, gardens, and natural sceneries around. You can visit with your family, friends, or partner or go on a solo trip to Kashmir.

You must have seen many north-to-south movies from various industries, from Bollywood to Tollywood, fantasizing about the place of Kashmir in their classic epics. The latest proof should be the superhit Sitaramam, played by Mrunal Thakur and Dulquer Salmaan, where they show a classic love story of an Indian Army Lieutenant Commander Ram and Princess Noorjahan (also known as Seetha Mahalakshmi). The movie shows one of the best sceneries of Kashmir, covered with snow, and resembles the culture of Kashmiri residents, both Kashmiri Muslims and Kashmiri Pandits. The early 2000s Fanaa movie is another addition to the list. Again, the life of an ordinary woman and a terrorist named Rehan will describe flawlessly. The main point is the beauty of Kashmir, Ultimately Eternal.

Best Time to Visit Kashmir

If people ask, what is the best time to visit Kashmir? It is from March to August. These months have comparatively suitable temperatures and atmospheres to stay. If you see it for the first time, please proceed after checking all the seasonal conditions according to your relevant situations. The month of March is when spring begins in the country. As the new season begins, there will be a bit of high temperature in Kashmir. 

Kashmir is one of the lowest-recording states in the country. So visitors should be able to cope with the temperature. And in summer, the temperature will be around 15 to 30 degrees. It is suitable to visit at this time. Don’t worry; you can find snow now at places like Gulmarg and Pahalgam. You can find the banks of the Indus River and many more rivers, like Jhelum, Chenab, and Ravi, originating from the Kashmiri Himalayas. 

There are many hydropower potential plants situated in this area. It will be an educational trip too. Lakes like Wular, Dal, Nageen, and Manasbal originate only from Kashmir. Not to suggest and visit after the early months of Monsoon as the weather can get worse, and there may be snow storms and heavy cold temperatures after August. Visiting Kashmir in December and January is not at all suggested. Their temperature will be negative celsius.

You should visit in November and December if you are good with cold temperatures and want to experience an adventurous trip in Kashmir with colossal snow. But please be cautious and take safety tips like carrying a kettle, food, water, and essential medicines. You might not get a network at a high level to sea level or on any hill stations or mountains. So inform your family members about this before to avoid unnecessary tension. It’s good to choose a tourism service and a tour guide while you are traveling, especially when it’s your first time or sole trip. They can guide you better about various places and inform you about road maps, hotels to reside in, places to visit, and their specialty. 

We suggest you start your trip from Srinagar, where you can land directly at the Srinagar Airport and then visit the city. If you want to travel by Railway, the nearest railway station in Srinagar is Jammu Tawi. Srinagar has a railway station, but it still needs to be started. It would help if you caught a train to Jammu, and then you could see a taxi to Srinagar from there. Traveling from Jammu to Kashmir will take approximately 500-700 INR by bus and 6000-8000 INR by cab. It is very reasonable by bus if you want to save money in your budget. Most hotels in Srinagar are expensive, so plan your budget accordingly. You can go boating and site seeing there.

You can visit Srinagar for two days, Gulmarg for one day, one or two days for Pahalgam, and two more days for Sonmarg. The total traveling budget can be from 25,000 to 35,000 INR. You can go for day and night tours, go sightseeing, and visit valleys, hiking, historical places, sacred & religious places, biking, Balloon tours, and many more.

History of Kashmir

The state has a lot of history too. From the time of Hindu kingdoms to Free India, it was ruled by Hindu Kingdoms, Mughal Empires, and Britishers and then divided into Free Pakistani and Free India, respectively, in 1947. There were a lot of people who successfully ruled this beauty. 

However, the epic one stands that King Kush, the son of Lord Rama and Seetha from the epic book ‘Ramayana’ was also one of those kings. Lord Rama was the king of Ayodhya, present-day located in UP. But history says that his son ruled Kashmir and POK; Pakistan occupied Kashmir areas in our mythology. Many great Mughal Emperors also ruled the place. However, many led directly in 1586, and Jalal Uddin Mohammed Akbar successfully occupied and controlled it. Then he added it to his Kabul Subah. Even kings like Ashoka, the great from Maurya Empire, also ruled the region in their times. You must know the basic history of the place you visit, Kashmir.

Places to Visit in Kashmir

  1. Shankaracharya Temple
  2. Dal Lake
  3. Gulmarg Gondola
  4. Sonamarg
  5. Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden
  6. Apharwat Peak
  7. Betaab Valley
  8. Aru Valley
  9. Pari Mahal
  10. Amarnath Cave
  11. Mughal Gardens, etc.

Note: All the above-written movie stories, descriptions, characters, industries, religions, emperors, and empires, everything is for only and solely for informational purposes and a way to make our readers understand the content we are writing quickly, not to make anyone upset with any emotions, beliefs or culture.

There will be many military operations going on at this place. It would be best to carry all your ID proofs at this place. Don’t worry about a small tour; everything will be fine. But you must complete all the formalities when you check in at a hotel. Please stay alert when you visit places like Kashmir, but again don’t panic. Stay away from violence and other dangerous situations. Don’t hesitate to contact the local police station or the Indian Government Helplines in an emergency.

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