Countries Open For Travel From India

There are lots of people who love to travel, while some are still exploring our beautiful country India, but there are people who have explored the nation and traveled to all the popular destinations in the country. Indian tourists wish to visit and explore other countries in the world but they find it difficult to apply for Visas for the country they are willing to travel to. However, different countries have different rules and regulations for granting visas for their Foreign tourists. If an Indian is willing to travel to a country then he/she needs to go through all the processes to get a Visa from that specific Country’s embassy. Some countries grant visas easily for Indian tourists while some may need you to go through a long process to get their Country’s visa.

In this article, we will look at some most famous countries where an Indian Tourist can travel easily without any major restrictions and get Visa easily or even for some countries Visa is not applicable. This article includes all the majorly popular countries which are cheap and also some are a bit expensive, but here you can decide and know about which country is best for you to travel to. Below is the list of all the countries where Indian Tourists are free to visit without any major restrictions.

List of Countries Open For Travel From India

1. Taiwan

This small East Asian nation is largely unexplored but has a lot to offer. The cities of Taiwan are vibrant cultural hubs while the mountains offer serenity and peace. Taiwan is officially a part of the Republic of China and the independent state of Taiwan is represented as Chinese Taipei.

Countries Open For Travel From India

2. U.A.E (United Arab Emirates)

With Bustling Metropolitans like Abu Dhabi and Dubai. U.A.E is the perfect destination for urban travelers if you have technology and shopping on your mind then the United Arab Emirates can meet all your wishes. Although U.A.E is termed a bit of a luxury country so the expenses in U.A.E may be a bit costly for a normal traveler.

Countries Open For Travel From India

3. Vietnam 

South East Asia Country, Vietnam is a heaven for nature lovers. From roaming in rice fields to caving in Halong bay. There’s a lot to do in Vietnam. The country is cheaper as compared to India. A bonus for Vietnam is the variety of authentic food and markets.

4. Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful blend of European and Asian Cultures. Check out the capital of Istanbul for its bustling markets and city life, Cappadocia for its Volcanic Formation and lastly Kebab Bay for its Jaw-dropping view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Countries Open For Travel From India

5. The Philippines 

Another Southeast Asian country with a bunch of Islands situated around the Philippine Sea. The Philippines is all about amazing beaches with turquoise-coloured water, adorable homestays and delicious Seafood. There is a lot more to explore in the Philippines.

6. Thailand 

Thailand is perhaps the most popular country among Indians, because it is so cheap and accessible. Bangkok offers an unmatched nightlife, while Phuket and Pattaya provide the best in Water sports and Beachside entertainment.

7. Laos

Laos is a densely forested country that every mountain lover will fall in love with. Holidays here will offer trekking, exploring caves and cycling around different small villages. Laos provides a very peaceful and calm environment with fresh air. It’s a beautiful country to visit if you love nature. 

8. Sri Lanka

Just below Southern India, we have India’s coastal neighbor Sri Lanka is great for a quick gateway. You can easily check out three to four cities easily in as many days. Colombo, Bentota, Galle and Kandy are the tourist favorites.

9. Bhutan

Bhutan is India’s smallest neighbor country. Also, Bhutan has a very high happiness index and a trip to this country will surely leave you feeling optimistic too. Entering the delightful world of Himalayan Mountains, fluttering prayer flags and Delicious food to gorge on. Bhutan is a very clean place too and you will definitely enjoy traveling here.

10. Nepal

Just below Tibet and besides Bhutan, Nepal is the most welcoming country for Indians. Heading to Nepal you can explore the variety of cultures, markets with cheap shopping hubs and also some royal Palaces and unique Temples. If you visit Nepal you can also easily visit Mount Everest and Mount Kailash which are the two most magnificent mountains in the world.

Final Words!!

These are some of the most popular countries which are open for Indian Tourists mostly, you can travel and Explore these beautiful destinations on your next holiday tour. Hope you discovered the best Countries Open For Travel From India from this article.

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