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Shimla, Himachal Pradesh’s capital is known as one of the best places to visit in India. Shimla is a historic place because of the British Rule in India. Shimla was the most famous place, Britishers couldn’t live in the Heat of then Capital Kolkata. They admired Shimla a lot which led them to turn Shimla into their Summer capital of India. Shimla is a really beautiful Hill station present in India.

The scenic beauty of nature, a place covered with mountains all around, makes Shimla a very popular and amazing tourist place. During late December and January, tourists can enjoy a good amount of Winter Snowfall in Shimla. A large number of tourists visit Shimla every year. What makes it more popular is that it’s located nearest to major cities like Chandigarh and Delhi from where people can visit Shimla in less time and return soon. Even if someone’s short on holiday may visit Shimla for a short trip.

How can you reach Shimla?

There are many possible ways to travel to Shimla. People can visit Shimla by Air, Road and also by train. People living in the Northern part of India may reach Shimla by their own vehicles too. However, the fastest and safest possible way to reach Shimla is by air. Tourists can take a flight from Delhi or any other metropolitan city to Chandigarh airport. From Chandigarh you can travel 120km by road to Shimla. Also, another way to take a direct flight from Delhi, Chandigarh to Shimla airport in Jubbarhatti district, which is the nearest airport from Shimla. 

You can reach Shimla by train too, firstly you have to reach Kalka Station of the Indian Railways network. Trains to Kalka can be booked very often, After reaching Kalka you need to board the Himalayan Queen/Kalka-Shimla Festival Special (04515) Toy Train. The train runs on a narrow gauge railway line and ends at Shimla Railway station.

The most common and simple way to reach Shimla is by National Highway. In Delhi, tourists can find plenty of Bus services available for Shimla. The direct bus service to Shimla is easily available from Delhi.

The Best Places where a Tourist must visit in Shimla

There are so many magnificent places to visit in Shimla, tourists can be seen visiting here too often during the vacation season too. When you reach Shimla then it won’t be difficult for you to book any hotel or stay, there are so many hotels in Shimla where you can even enjoy the wonderful view of Shimla or even if you are low on budget then there is still plenty of choices for you to find the suitable stay according to your budget.

From visiting Mall Road to exploring different beautiful sites, in this article, we will look at some best places to visit in Shimla and know every detail about the tourist spot. So if you are planning to visit Shimla sooner or later then you should definitely read this article to know every detail about some famous tourist spots and easily decide which places are suitable to visit for you.

1. Mall Road (Heart of Shimla)

Mall road was constructed under British colonial rule in India, in the center of Shimla it is the most commonplace, it’s like a city center where we can find markets and people exploring the area. It’s like a place to hang out and do shopping. It’s located beneath the Ridge. People who visit Shimla, always go to Mall Road. You can also find taxi services in the Mall road area from where you can even book taxis and reach other places near Shimla. Apart from this, you can also experience beautiful Hill station views side by side. Mall road is the best place for free roamers and the ones who want to do shopping. If you want to start your tour in Shimla, then there’s no other place apart from Mall road, to start the trip.

2. The ridge (Tourist Spot)

The Ridge is an open ground or wide road where tourists enjoy visiting. This is another popular tourist spot in Shimla, it is located above the mall road. The ridge is known for its unique structure built by Britishers. You can find different cultural activities of Shimla happening here which is another noticeable fact that attracts tourists to visit here. You can also view beautiful scenes from this area and also observe the amazing city view. During the British era, this place was used for their cultural activities which are now replaced by Himachali culture. If you’re visiting with family and friends then this place is great to hang out with as it connects with Shimla’s Mall road. Spending time here in the evening is quite good, most people here are seen most often in the Evening time.

3. Christ Church of Shimla (Historical Church)

Christ Church is one of the historic places in Shimla, this church is the second oldest church in Northern India. It is a Catholic church and was built during the British Rule in India, It was designed by Major General John Theophilus Boileau in the year 1844 and after thirteen years it was established in the year 1857. It was built for the British Community of the Summer Capital, therefore it is also known majorly as the crown of the capital. It can be observed from miles away from the hills and exactly looks like a crown.

This church is situated in the Ridge, just above the mall road. Every year many foreign tourists who reach Shimla, never forget to go to this church. It is open every Sunday, people may visit here on Sundays and also attend the weekly mass. Many Bollywood movies are often shot here which also makes it a very famous tourist spot in India.

4. Kufri Hills (Neighboring Hill station)

Kufri is a neighborhood place from Shimla, it is a very beautiful hill station where you can observe the beauty of nature and amazing views. If you are visiting Shimla then you may also visit here. You can hire Taxi cabs from Mall Road Taxi Stand and visit Kufri. People who often want to enjoy a place with a very peaceful environment and scenic beauty must visit here. As we know that Shimla is a famous place and people visit there most often because it’s the Capital of Himachal Pradesh.

Shimla is a crowded place where people are seen most often not just people’s population but also in the market, Houses and also in Hotels where tourists stay. So if you want to enjoy a peaceful place then Kufri is the best hill station you must visit. There are many adventurous activities in Kufri, including many restaurants and cafes. Tourists can stay in camping tents but also there are many options for hotel stay too. Although going to Kufri from Shimla may be a little costly, the hills and views of Kufri are more beautiful than that of Shimla and also you can find more snowfall here.

5. Jakhu Temple Shimla (Historical Hindu Temple)

The Jakhu Temple is situated on the highest peak of Shimla which is Jhakoo hill. Himalayan hills can also be seen from this spot. It is said to be the place where Hindu Lord Hanuman took a rest while bringing the “Sanjeevani booti” in Hindu Mythology. Tourists may visit this hill by the ropeway cable car and enjoy the beautiful view on the way. The temple is built beneath a giant statue of Lord Hanuman. People who visit here can observe many monkeys in the temple area. There is a giant footstep on the wall which is said to be the footsteps of Hanuman. Devotees often visit this temple when they tour Shimla.

6. Summer Hill (Photography spot)

Summer hill is one of the most famous tourist spots in Shimla. The beautiful Valley of Shimla can be seen from here. Situated five kilometers away from the ridge, it is the best spot in Shimla for Photography. People love to take pictures here and enjoy the greenery of the hills and view of Shimla. If you love photography and want to capture the beauty of nature, then you must visit here.

Apart from these places, there are more amazing and famous tourist spots, there are many other places where tourists can visit, such as Green Valley, Tara Devi Temple, Shimla State Museum and Scandal Point. You cannot miss any of these wonderful places if you visit Shimla. These places are also historic and are most famous for their architecture which was established during the British period.

So by this article, you must have known all the information regarding one of India’s most beautiful tourist places. Shimla is not just a popular destination in India, but tourists or travelers all over the world wish to visit here. You may find foreign tourists more often here because Shimla is one of the most famous Hill stations in the world.

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